Engagement Ring Buying Tips: How to Avoid Rip-offs, Embarrassing Moments, and Painful Regrets

A little knowledge can go a long way in purchasing the ideal engagement ring at the best possible price. See, you've finally decided: you're going to pop the question. You're going to buy that engagement ring, make reservations for that dream dinner, buy flowers, get on one knee and propose. But wait a second - have you thought this out? Have you done your research? The first step is often the most crucial one, and in this case, you should definitely pay attention to the words of the more knowledgeable.
Many engagement rings are made of diamond. What kind of diamond do you think you can afford? All the engagement ring buying tips online say that a diamond is forever, but even with a limited budget, forever need not be beyond your reach! Shop around for good bargains, don't settle with the first shop that catches your eye.
When buying diamonds, you should first and foremost be aware of the 4 c's: carat, clarity, color and cut. Any gemstone expert worth his or her salt can tell you more about these c's. It doesn't follow that the largest diamond is the best or the most expensive: the cost of a diamond depends on its value, which in turn depends on how well the requirements of the 4 c's are fulfilled.
The most popular choice for engagement ring style is the solitaire diamond in white gold, and depending on the cut, small solitaire diamonds could look rather classy. Avoid the standard, often cheaper yellow gold metal base - it doesn't speak of "class" at all! First-time gem buyers often find themselves lost in all the strange gemstone-related terminologies; should this happen, consider securing the assistance of a person with a trained eye for selecting gemstones.
You also need to think about the kind of metal that will be used for the ring. Of course it's not just the jewel that needs attention. Does she prefer white gold or platinum? Pay close attention to the kind of jewelry she is already wearing. The ring you will buy, as all the engagement ring buying tips will tell you, need to be made of a metal that will look good on your bride-to-be and at the same time not be bad for her sensitive skin.
But above all, consider buying a loose diamond to show her when you propose. Then you and your bride-to-be can shop around for the right ring shape together. This might well be the wisest decision you'll ever make in this matter.
The Internet is there to guide you and be your friend throughout this fussy selection process. Don't just go with your gut: look up those engagement ring buying tips! The big night is not the right time to throw caution to the wind!
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